The morning of 25/08/2012, in the city. Cam Ranh (Khanh Hoa), Factory of Khanh Hoa Sanest Salanganes'Nest State Co. a member Salanganes'Nest Khanh Hoa celebrated yen sao khanh hoa Labor Medal Third Class and inaugurated the Advanced Water Treatment Plant Swallow Nest Cam Thinh (in Cam Thinh Dong Ho. Cam Ranh).

At the ceremony, authorized by the President, Tran Son Hai - Member of the Standing Committee, Vice Chairman of Khanh Hoa Province People's Committee has awarded the Labor Medal Third Class Factory, awarded certificates of merit Prime Minister for 5 groups, 5 personal Yen Sao achievements of company excellence over the years.

After a year of construction, with a total investment of 160 billion, the plant went into operation with a capacity of 15,000 products / hour, annual production is 5 million units, a 6-fold increase compared to the old factory . This is the factory-scale advanced Salanganes'Nest Vietnam's most modern and current. On inauguration day, the factory made the first export nuoc yen khanh hoa tai tp hcm contract to the Australian market with 200,000 products, the upcoming export to Hong Kong, China, Korea, Japan, ...

Founded in 2003, the company achieved fast development. If in 2004, the plant produced and sold 1 million units in 2011 has manufactured and sold 45 million units. Factory revenue in 2011 reached 721 billion, which is about 100 times higher than sales in 2004. Currently, the premium beverage products branded of Khanh Hoa Sanest Salanganes'Nest have exported to 21 countries around the world, on turnover of U.S. $ 20 million / year. The investment in the new plant not only contributes to exploit the strengths bird nest from natural island by Co. Yen Sao management, which also produces a variety of products, serving the needs of domestic consumption, contributing export growth of the local.

You may not have known next to focus on building the quality management standards, the company said the brand by promoting the cultural traditions Salanganes'Nest lines.

Together with production activities, business (SX-KD), sanest khanh hoa confirmed brand prestige Salanganes'Nest Khanh Hoa ISO: 9001, HACCP, or navigate to the integration of the European Community standard IFS and Britain BRC, the company always pay attention to the nutritional value of each product by promoting the cultural traditions Salanganes'Nest lines have been ancestral to build and pass on to future generations.

Cultural brand

After more than 15 years to implement the Central Resolution 5 (VIII) on the construction and development should be advanced Vietnamese culture imbued with national,corporate officials and public employees, labor (CB-CNVC-LD) in conscious company always preserve and promote the cultural values ​​of traditional industries have a long history of over 700 years.

To more sustainable brand, company leaders often mobilize CB-CNVC-LD efforts build VHDN, traditional culture Salanganes'Nest lines. The company has focused on building brand culture in each product. Which, with appropriate policies, the department has done business strategy to create distinct values ​​recommended to end on their business with brand building and development. The company has dyngj achievements of modern science and technology in combination with traditional methods to create high-end nutritional products, contributing to the protection of public health. Until now, enterprises have organized two competitions "water bird nest Sanest Khanh Hoa contract with public health". Thereby contributing to the propagation and development of traditional culture Salanganes'Nest Khanh Hoa to society. The contest received more than 4,000 posts throughout the country and overseas expatriates say emotions, demonstrate real life, true stories, photos, video clips leveled nutritious value set community health service.

The value of nutrition, yen sao sanest khanh hoa water Salanganes'Nest Khanh Hoa has become a brand in a position not only in the domestic market, but also reaching out to the world market. According to Le Huu Hoang, Party Secretary, the General Director of the Company, all CB-CNVC-LD in great family Salanganes'Nest Khanh Hoa aware of the role, position and importance of the build VHDN because sustainable development of the Company. These are essential requirements to help businesses achieve the effect on their business, the development trend of the times, to meet the increasing needs of society. On building the VHDN platform imbued ethnic,  cultural Salanganes'Nest Khanh Hoa has shown the identity of social responsibility to the community; inherit and promote the traditional construction and land protection water, shown on two fronts: To protect the national territory, national defense; protect bird nests - precious resources of the country.

Brand culture is shown in communication, behavior, lifestyle ethics, professional ethics, sense of organization and discipline ... Recently, the company has established customer service center to serve customer service at all times through the phone lines hot. In addition, the rules and regulations built creates cultural working environment, handling the unified science in order to bring efficiency in operations on their business and cultural life of the planet god for CB-CNVC-Labor ...

Indeed, they have become a testament to the quality and reputation of what they choose. Between thousands of brands. they always know how to choose the best quality products, the most consistent, and highest. Brands in their favorite list accidentally also other women nuoc yen sanest khanh hoa sought and desire to own. Salanganes'Nest days before this is one dish that King Jesus often used. This dish is able to improve the entire skin tone, help resolve any dry skin problems, skin pigmentation, dull skin ... So obvious it becomes a treasured dishes, show class users.

For women, appearance is the mirror of his class and style. Luxury beauty, nobility not only emanated from clothing and jewelry, but also depends heavily on the smooth skin. So swift water Khanh Hoa become things drinks indispensable for women.

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