Bird's nest soup is a produce of Khanh Hoa. In addition to the natural nest in the islands, the local Khanh Hoa is a pioneer in the country for the study and application of successful farming nest in the house. Sanest Khanh Hoa is a leading brand applied his model. Promote yen sao khanh hoa  existing strengths,Khanh Hoa regularly organize new tour titled "Learn the spiritual culture and forest produce of the land of deep-sea oats." The tour was put into regular operation. This is the new tourism products, to introduce unique visitors nest in the farming industry as well as mining, processing oats, contributing confirmed value of Salanganes'Nest Khanh Hoa.

Tour the birds nest was launched guests from the end of 2012. Although bird nest has long become a production plant is known by the quintessential value that it brings, but few people have the opportunity to learn intimately about the fishing industry as well as the processing products particularly high. This is the reason and also the unique charm rare to tour the birds nest was born.

At regional tour, guides will help visitors learn more about the living habits of the birds nest, the natural bird nest distribution areas in the world. Besides tourists are introduced to model birds nest, find out how to attract birds to nest in the house, how to build a bird through model miniature. This stage requires an investment rather elaborately, carefully, especially the creation of suitable environment for developing populations of birds nest. However, the most attractive for tourists is directly gia yen sao sanest on the birds nest area to experience the real sense of the lives of birds. See firsthand the birds nest, care and listen to the sound of a true life of birds nest - that is the new and exciting impression with visitors.

Bui Duy Tuan Nha Trang City, said: "Visiting the swift lines here, I would not go because usually people hiding technology, manufacturing, not to see more like this. But I think the other place and then will imitate only because the opening up a real good so why not open for everyone to see to believe, to make a bird nest of Vietnam better " .

Khanh Hoa accounts for half of the country's bird nest pet with about half tons / year. When involved with the birds nest tour, visitors are not only technical guidance on raising banquet in the house. but also learn about the process of preliminary processing of oats. To get a clean nest, high quality before coming to consumers, workers painstakingly picking hairs small nest and in the nest. Here, instructors will guide visitors how to distinguish different kinds of bird nests yen sanest by each nest bring a separate nutritional value. This will not only help visitors have more basic knowledge about bird nest as well as oat mining industry but also contribute to the trust for top quality visitors of of Sanest Salanganes'Nest Khanh Hoa.

"Currently the nest at the mining industry are opening up a new identity for the tourism in Khanh Hoa should we boldly opened the door to visitors four on this tour and look at the birds nest in home, learn more about the profession of bird nests, "said Phan Thi Tuyet Mai, CEO of companies that organize tours Khanh Hoa said.

Up to now, the company has received 500 visitors participate in this tour, which is largely domestic. Due to the nature of a tour have limited space in a high-rise building, most of our customers are retail customers, take the family, wishing to learn about bird nests as well as technology birds nest in the house.

Can see, Khanh Hoa are increasingly diversifying the tourism product, product of oats as Yen Sanest ... to cater to many different objects. This is partly demonstrated the efforts of the business - not only in tourism but also of the units and organizations outside the sector - to work together for the common goal is to bring tourism into economic spearhead of Khanh Hoa in the future.

After a year of construction, yen sao  with a total investment of 160 billion, the plant went into operation with a capacity of 15,000 products / hour, annual production is 5 million units, a 6-fold increase compared to the old factory . This is the factory-scale advanced Salanganes'Nest Vietnam's most modern and current. On inauguration day, the factory made the first export contract to the Australian market with 200,000 products,   the upcoming export to Hong Kong, China, Korea, Japan, ...

Founded in 2003, the company achieved fast development. If in 2004, the plant produced and sold 1 million units in 2011 has manufactured and sold 45 million units. Factory revenue in 2011 reached 721 billion, which is about 100 times higher than sales in 2004. Currently, the premium beverage products branded of Khanh Hoa Sanest Salanganes'Nest have exported to 21 countries around the world, on turnover of U.S. $ 20 million / year. The investment in the new plant not only contributes to exploit the strengths bird nest from natural island by Co. Yen Sao management, which also produces a variety of products, serving the needs of domestic consumption, contributing export growth of the local.

Indeed, they have become a testament to the quality and reputation of what they choose. Between thousands of brands. they always know how to choose the best quality products, the most consistent, and highest. Brands in their favorite list accidentally also other tac dung cua yen sao women sought and desire to own. Salanganes'Nest days before this is one dish that King Jesus often used. This dish is able to improve the entire skin tone,  help resolve any dry skin problems, skin pigmentation, dull skin ... So obvious it becomes a treasured dishes, show class users.

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