Vietnam is one of the few countries in the world mining industry and processing Salanganes'Nest. In particular, yen sao khanh hoa Khanh Hoa Province is home to many islands and most products are also rated as the best quality. Brand of Khanh Hoa Sanest also Salanganes'Nest is the leading brand in the country in this field.

From thousands of years ago, bird nests, also known as bird's nest, is seen as a produce of the essence of heaven and earth, is "drug money", so that only the kings used.

According to history, Vietnam is a country with a very old fishing bird nests, nearly 700 years and start from Khanh Hoa province. Legend has it, in 1328, while on a trip to the South, officers Admiral Tran Le Van Dat, have been discovered in waters covered Binh Khang (the ancient name of Khanh Hoa province) has many islands. Since then, fishing, bird nest sea of ​​Khanh Hoa birth and the Admiral Le Van Achieve the following ancestral worship is profession oats Khanh Hoa. Every year, up to day 10/5 lunar, people Khanh Hoa the organization Festivals Salanganes'Nest to remember and honor the work of our ancestors had swift birth to the profession.

On a beautiful day in July, we train to cross the sea to visit the islands of Khanh Hoa. It is known that, in Khanh Hoa is approximately 30 islands, of which the most famous is the island say, more than, than Sam ... Hon place between four surface waves. Look at the remote, on the steep cliffs looming the guard's hut islands squeezed pinch as being on the same wave liver and sea breezes. Come closer cach che bien yen sao bird nest coming out more and more clearly, the wine an area. UK Science and protector nest in more than Home took us to visit the cave swallow. Hang deep, dark sides of steep cliffs, you must use a flashlight shines on the new are thick stick nests on cliffs. English Department, said the birds nest in the wilderness, everyone is a bit scared and very easy to remove. So, the cave swallow is very strict protection to prevent strangers into the cave.

Than general few kilometers away is the island State. It is home to many cave swallow of Khanh Hoa, accounting for 2/3 of the mining stocks oat of the province. Hon Secretary is harsh waves, especially during rough seas, so the protection of elaborate cave swallow. To protect the cave swallow before the storm's three oceans, the State Co. A member Salanganes'Nest Khanh Hoa, units assigned to manage the islands in Khanh Hoa, had to find a solution such as roof Top cover for nest, waves beating hang, CCTV installation ...

Vo Van Cam, in charge of teams of operators nest of of Khanh Hoa Sanest Salanganes'Nest for or, oats mining is a dangerous job, his family life was 3 attached to this profession.

Swallow's nest on high cliffs mining workers climbing hand oats to yen sao gia re nhat are good technology and extremely courageous. To get the oats, usually erect the scaffolding bamboo stick unsteady on steep mountains, where not even built them to climb scaffold with his hands and use his rope hanging suspended over the high slopes hundreds of meters ... World knows, fishing sea oats of Khanh Hoa so elaborately and magic.

According to the scientists of the Institute of Science and Technology, Southern, compared to the national craft nest in Southeast Asia such as Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam ocean environment is suitable for the species birds nest, feed the rich and abundant. So swift better growth in Vietnam, for the larger, more white, so the quality is also better.

In addition to the natural bird nest in the islands, Vietnam is the successful model of research in oat breeding, and Khanh Hoa also pioneered province. This is considered a new model of economic efficiency is very high. Mr. Nguyen Xuan Vien, Technical Director of the Center for Technology birds nest Sanatech for Khanh Hoa Sanest said, the Center has conducted technical transfer technology birds nest in the house for the local in the country, thus that populations of birds nest growing very fast.

Currently there are about 1,500 birds nest with long output than 1 tons Salanganes'Nest / year, which Khanh Hoa accounted for a half of output. It is expected that by 2020, Vietnam will have 10,000 oats, to yen sao nguyen chat lam sach contribute greatly to the conservation of birds nest and raise output Salanganes'Nest for the country.

After nearly 700 years of development, fishing and bird nest processing of Khanh Hoa is now well developed, becoming one of the leading economic strength of local. If the country has about 50 islands with over 180 cave swallow in Khanh Hoa Sanest alone was assigned to manage and exploit to 29 large and small islands with 142 cave swallow, situated Van Ninh district stretches from the City Cam Ranh in Khanh Hoa province, with the ability to exploit over 3 tons Salanganes'Nest / year.

Visit the Company's production facilities Khanh Hoa Yen, we found that, for the preparation of high-quality special products, the company had to invest the automatic production line, closed advanced technology of Germany and Italy. At the same time, the company applying advanced quality management system ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP to ensure stable quality and improve competitiveness in to yen sao cao cap the era of international integration.

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